Harbaugh Farm Greenhouse & Produce


A Three Generation Family Farm

The farm was purchased in 1943 by Henson and Mary Harbaugh. They primarily raised chickens and cows, selling eggs and milk. They later moved the farm down the road, driving the cows after a heavy blizzard that left only one plowed path for them to travel to their new home. Henson would produce prize-winning eggs which his youngest son Charlie would take and interest in and help with the tradition.

In 1961 Charlie took over the farm. Full of ambition and seeing a future in Sweet Corn he started growing and peddling it to Hagerstown and the surrounding areas when he was only 17. The farm would become very successful and branched out to growing other vegetables. Soon this led to the first greenhouse in order to provide vegetable plants at various times during the season. The first one went up in 1989 followed by five more.

The next phase would be fulfilling the need for quality vegetable and flower plants that would perform in the field or flowerbed. Also, they started to specialize in plants that you could not find at most greenhouses. Today this focus continues with Charlie’s son, Brian Harbaugh, who works along with him and his mom, Vonnie. Brian did not just inherit this, he has a real knack and joy in the challenge of Floriculture and Agriculture.

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  3. Harbaugh’s is wonderful! Great selections, reasonably priced everything, great sales and helpful staff. Don’t waste your time at

  4. I remember coming to the farm with my grandparents when I was a child. Now I enjoy coming with my children. You always have a wide selection of quality plants. The staff is always helpful and nice. I hope in the years to come I will be able to bring my grandchildren here one day as well.

  5. Hi,
    Do you have bushels of tomatoes and green peppers for sale, if so how much
    Thank you
    God bless

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